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Expert2expert has published a few high valued articles in the PRS which have been successfully received and read by the international scientific community.

Publishing articles in renowned medical journals is an obvious way to share knowledge with physicians, worldwide.  Sharing knowledge is part of the knowledge’s DNA. Sharing it promotes better practice, innovations, progresses born from useful comparisons and critiques.

Among our community, the extensive resources available from the various medical journals is essential to our practice.

It allows physicians to enhance their very own knowledge.

These publications contribute to the growth of medical knowledge achieving the main goal: improving patient’s care.

Here you will find our latest events, congresses, our book releases and all the major happenings whether they be scientific related or customer relations oriented.

Anatomy and Filler complications

This book was released during the outstanding Congress IMCAS in January 2017 This is the first book ever fully dedicated ...

Lower Face: Clinical Anatomy and Regional Approaches with Injectable Fillers

The use of injectable fillers enables facial sculpting through treatment of volume depletion and modeling of facial cont ...

Platysma Bands: Is a Change Needed in the Surgical Paradigm?

Background: Platysma bands are one of the first signs of aging of the neck. Current theories suggest that these bands de ...

Anatomy of the Lower Face and Botulinum Toxin Injections

Summary: The use of botulinum toxin in the lower face is more complex and less reliable than its use in the upper face. ...

Hand: Clinical Anatomy and Regional Approaches with Injectable Fillers

Background: Cosmetic physicians are more and more frequently asked for hand rejuvenation. They commonly propose the same ...

Newer Understanding of Specific Anatomic Targets in the Aging Face as Applied to Injectables: Facial Muscles—Identifying Optimal Targets for Neuromodulators

Summary: The muscular anatomy of the face is complex. Animation patterns of facial muscles vary significantly among indi ...

Upper Face: Clinical Anatomy and Regional Approaches with Injectable Fillers

Background: The use of facial fillers has been rapidly increased as the range of injectable products and indications con ...