E2e experts

Our international experts have constantly renewed their trust and happily rose to all our challenges ranging from research and development, clinical studies, advisory board, training program and medical publishing.

Al-Sakere Bassim, MD

Dr Bassim Al-sakere, Plastic surgeon, Paris


Alkobaisi Abeer, MD

Dr Abeer Alkobaisi, Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Bahrein


Atlan Michael, MD

Dr Michael Atlan, specialised in aesthetic medicine and phlebology, Paris


Azib Nabila, MD

Specialist on Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery- Rabat-Morocco

I ... Read more

Banige Oleg, MD

Dr Oleg Banige, plastic surgeon, Paris


Baspeyras Martine, MD

Dr Martine Baspeyras, dermatologist, Bordeaux


Berros Philippe, MD

Dr. Philippe Berros is currently Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Princess Grace Hospit ... Read more

Bichet Jean-Christophe, MD

Dr Jean-Christophe Bichet, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Paris


Björn Stark G., MD

  • Chairman and Full Professor of Plastic Surgery
  • Board-certified ... Read more

Braccini Frédéric, MD

Dr Frédéric Braccini, plastic surgeon, Nice

Brozman Maria, MD

Dr Maria Brozman, specialized in Dermatovenerology & aesthetic Medicine, Bratislavia, Slovakia


Buis Jacques, MD

Dr Jacques Buis, plastic surgeon, Paris


Carrera Rafael Fermin, MD

Dr Rafael Fermin Carrera, plastic surgeon, Spain


Cendan Emmanuelle, MD

Dr Emmanuelle Cendan, ORL, cervico facial surgeon, France


Charrier Jean-Baptiste, MD

Dr Jean-Baptiste Charrier, maxilla-facial surgeon, Paris

Cornette de Saint Cyr Bernard, MD

Dr Bernard Cornette de Saint Cyr, plastic & aesthetic surgeon, Paris

Criollo Lamilla Gisella, MD

Universitary degrees on doctor and surgeon – Neiva, Colombie.

Training on ... Read more

Czech Suzan, MD

Dr Suzan Czech, plastic surgeon, Germany


de Goursac Catherine, MD

Dr Catherine de Goursac, aesthetic medecine, Paris


Delorenzi Claudio, MD

Dr. DeLorenzi is a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon, born in Toronto, and completely trained in Canada. He is internatio ... Read more

Derhy Yohann, MD

Dr Yohann Derhy, maxillo-facial, plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Paris


Desouches Christophe, MD

Dr Christophe Desouches, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Marseille


Dmitrieva Irina, MD

Dr Irina Dmitrieva, Dermatologist, Russia

Dreissigacker Katrin, MD

Katrin Dreissigacker is a specialist doctor for plastic and aesthetic surgery. She studied medicine from 1990 to 1997 a ... Read more

Feghali Ziad Elias, MD

Dr Ziad Elias Feghali, plastic surgeon, Kuwait


Garcia Philippe, MD

Gout Uliana, MD

Dr Uliana Gout is a highly respected educator within the UK and International Aesthetic Medicine arena. She has co-auth ... Read more

Güney Kirdar, MD

Dr Kirdar Güney, plastic surgeon, Istanbul

Dr Güney started working at the René Clinic as a specialist doctor in 2016


Hermeziu Oana, MD

Dr Oana HERMEZIU, plastic surgeon, Paris


Iblher Niklas, MD

Dr Niklas Ihlher, plastic & aesthetic surgeon, Germany

Imanilov Alexander, MD

Alexander Imanilov, MD, Plastic surgeon at the Center of Plastic and Endoscopic Surgery, Moscow.


Ingallina Fabio, MD

Dr Fabio Ingallina, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, Italy

Jakubietz Rafael G., MD

Residency from 2003-2004 at UTSW Medical center Dallas, Tx, USA, 2004 – 2008 KSSG St. Gallen Switzerland, 2008 – 2 ... Read more

Karpova Elena, MD

Karpova Elena Ivanovna, was born on October 27, 1963, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk region. In 1982 she en ... Read more

Katsampas Andreas, MD

Dr Andreas Katsampas, Professor in Dermatology, Greece


Khrustaleva Irina, MD

Dr Irina Khrustaleva, Plastic surgeon, Russia

Head of Plastic Surgery Depart ... Read more


Kontoes Vakis, MD

Dr Vakis Kontoes, plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic & laser surgeon, Greece


Kron Cédric, MD

Dr Cédric Kron, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Paris


Lafarge-Claoué Béatrice, MD

Dr Béatrice Lafarge-Claoué, Cosmetic surgeon, Paris


Lagier Jacques, MD

Dr Jacques Lagier, ophthalmologist, Nice


Lefebvre-Vilardebo Marc, MD

Dr Marc Lefebvre-Vilardebo, vascular surgeon, Nice

Lemaire Thierry, MD

Loreto Federico, MD

Dr Federico Loreto, plastic surgeon, Paris


Marini Leonardo, Prof.

Medical director of the Skin Doctors’ Center, Italy


Martin Eric, MD

Dr Eric Martin, Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, France


Masveyraud Frédérique-Olivier, MD

Dr Frédérique-Olivier Masveyraud, specialised in Dermatovenerology & aesthetic Medicine, Paris

Mijal Gruber, MD

Dr Gruber Mijal, Dermatologist, Argentina


Mottier Nicolas, MD

Dr Nicolas Mottier, plastic and reconstructive surgery, Paris


Niforos François, MD

Dr François Niforos, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Lyon


Noel Xavier, MD

Dr Xavier Noel, maxillo-facial, plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Bordeaux

Olivier Claude, MD

  • Chirurgie Plastique, Reconstructrice et Esthétique 
  • Read more

Padey Hervé, MD

Dr Hervé Padey, stomatologist, Cannes

Paranque Armand, MD

Dr Armand Paranque, Plastic and maxillofacial surgeon, Paris


Paraskevas Antoine, MD

Dr Antoine Paraskevas, plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Paris


Paul Malcolm D., MD

Dr Malcolm D. Paul, plastic surgeon, California, United-States of America


Pavicic Tatjana, MD

Dr Tatjana Pavicic is a board certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments with he ... Read more

Penna Vincenzo, MD

Dr Vincenzo Penna, plastic surgeon, Germany

Petit François, MD

Dr François Petit, plastic surgeon, Paris


Plot Eric, MD

Dr Eric Plot, Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Paris


Pomarède Nadine, MD

Dr Nadine Pomarède, dermatologist, Paris


Poulain Bernard, Researcher at the C.N.R.S

Bernard Poulain, PhD, is born in 1958 at Avallon (France).  He is a former fellow of University Pierre-and-Marie-Curie ... Read more

Rzany Berthold, MD

Professor Berthold Rzany is a dermatologist and epidemiologist in private practice in Berlin, Germany.In 2002 he was ap ... Read more

Sarfati Isabelle, MD

Dr Isabelle Sarfati, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Paris


Savary Jacques, MD

Dr Jacques Savary, dermatologist, Paris

Sayed Karim, MD

Dr Karim Sayed, plastic surgeon, Norvège


Sebaoun Joëlle, MD

Dr Joëlle Sebaoun, dermatologist and aesthetic medicine specialist, Paris


Stabile Marco, MD

Dr Marco Stabile, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Italy


Surlemont Yves, MD

Dr Yves Surlemont, plastic surgeon, France

Trévidic Patrick, MD

Dr Trévidic has been an intern of the Hôpitaux de Paris”. He is a former clinic leader assisting at the Paris Facul ... Read more

Valsamis Marios, MD

Dr Marios Valsamis, vascular surgeon, Greece

Van Hemelryck Thierry, MD

Dr Thierry Van Hemelryck, plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgeon, France ... Read more


Van Loghem Jani, MD

Dr Jani Van Loghem, plastic surgeon, member of the Dutch society of Cosmetic Medicine and chairman of its complication ... Read more


Verner Ines, MD

Professor Ines Verner, owner of Verner Clinic in Israel is a certified Dermatologist with over 20 years clinical, resea ... Read more

Wiest Luitgard, MD

Dr Luitgard Wiest, dermatologist, Munich – Germany

Zhukovskaya Elena, MD

Dr Elena Zhukovskaya, specialized in dermatology and aesthetic Medicine, Moscow